Face Types & Beard Styles

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Well Groomed Beards

Face Shape

Choosing the right beard style really depends on preference but more importantly on the shape of your face. In reality, nothing is holding you back from growing any type of beard you want, but considering your face shape can bring you to the next level of beardsmanship.  Here are some guidelines you should keep in mind when deciding on a beard style.

  • Round Face: keep your beard hair longer around your chin, and shorter on the sides.
  • Square Face: keep your chin hair fuller, and your hair on the sides of your face shorter.
  • Rectangular Face: grow your beard fuller on the sides, and shorter at the bottom.
  • Oval Face: if you have an oval face, most beard styles will work well for you.

Effort is Required

Once you have a beard you’ll need to groom it regularly. There are no buts about it.  Some beard types will require regular grooming, while others won't demand as much from you.  Make sure to keep this in mind before you decide. Ask yourself “how much time do I want to spend on maintaining my beard?” 

Full vs. Patchy Hair Growth

Some of us can grow facial hair like a chia pet, while others struggle to grow a moustache.  Understanding your growth pattern can save you time and frustration by choosing a beard style you know you’ll be able to grow.  If your hair is thick and even, go with a thicker beard. If it’s patchy go with a short and neater beard that you can totally rock.    

Beard Styles

From the classic clean shave to the full beard, you have the option of growing so many different beard styles.  We’ve described some of the more popular styles to give you a better idea of what style may best suit you and your face shape. But if you’re considering of growing a style that's not listed below, send it over to info@thebeardlounge.com and let us know what you’re thinking. 



It might be easier to call the Balbo the “Upside down T” because in essence that’s what it resembles.  It's basically two or three-sections including a goatee and moustache, which are not connected with a ¼ inch gap on each side. A soul patch under your lower lip or moustache is optional but we think having them gives your face more of a complete look.

Face Type: The Balbo draws attention to the chin, so you should consider this beard style if you have a round or square face.  Also, if your moustache and beard do not connect, the Balbo is a great way to disguise it.



The Full Beard

The all mighty full beard!  Probably today’s most popular style. This style requires a whole lot of manliness and solid facial hair growth.  It takes total commitment (and will power) to grow, groom, and keep it cleaned regularly, especially when you eat or drink.  It's definitely not suited for everybody.

Face Type: The full beard works well on all face shapes. However, you should groom it regularly to give your beard a defined look based on preference and face shape.  Make sure that you always have a beard comb on you at all times.


Circle Beard.png

The circle beard unites the traditional goatee with a moustache. Hair growth around the mouth is key because this beard type requires a full circle around the mouth area, including the chin.  Regular and precise beard grooming is necessary to maintain the circular shape to ensure it does not grow outside the “circle.”

Face Type: Your grooming kit will definitely need to include a precision trimmer to maintain this look.  We don't recommend this style if you have an oval-shaped face.  


the Hoolywoodian Beard

The “Hollywoodian” or extended goatee is another beard type that has really been accepted by today’s urban man.  It starts by growing a full beard and moustache and then shaving the hair on the side of your face. The amount that you shave off and your finished look are all based on your preference.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to the Hollywoodian.

Face Type: If you have somewhat of a square face and have prominent cheekbones, this makes the Hollywoodian a great beard choice for you. Go as low as you want with the sides – even as low as your jawbone if you like.


Stubble Beard

Probably the easiest beard style to achieve and maintain.  You can choose between short, medium or long stubble. What you choose is based on personal taste and how often you want to trim your beard. Make sure that your cheek and neckline are well defined.

Face Type: This beard type suits every face shape.  If you have a hard time defining your cheek and neck lines, get yourself a precision line tool to get them on point.


The Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke is a combination of a goatee and a moustache with clean-shaven cheeks and neckline.  A soul patch is optional and the moustache can vary in style by making it pointy or curled upwards.  Don't extend the hair on your chin to your jawline to get the complete look.

Face Type: If you have a round face, you can add length to the goatee to make your face look longer.


The Short Boxed Beard

Before the full beard became popular, the short-boxed beard was the "traditional" way to wear a full beard.  It was, and still is a very clean and stylish beard that looks great dressed up or down.  Both the cheek and necklines are well groomed with defined lines. 

Face Type: Its extremely stylish and the fact that it suits most face shapes is another reason it's one of the most popular options.


The Anchor Beard

This beard style was named for its resemblance to a ship’s anchor.  The anchor is a combination of hair grown along the jawline and chin, with a moustache.  To complete the look, make sure the beard is groomed with a styled point on the chin, and bears no sideburns.  This will emphasize the jawline and chin.    

Face Type: The defined jawline and chin is highly recommended for rectangular-shaped & square-shaped faces.


If you’re handy with a razor, the Stiletto may be the beard for you. Its most prominent features are the two U shapes under the lower lip.  The cheek lines are lower than a standard beard style.  When grooming the moustache, make sure to trim along the upper lip to keep it clean.   

Face Type: Just like the Short Boxed Beard or the Heavy Stubble, anyone can pretty much sport this beard.  However, because of the U shapes below the lower lip we'd probably steer away from this beard if you have a round face to avoid overkill on the circular shapes.


Duck, duck, tail!  This beard resembles an actual ducktail with its tapered chin and extended point.  The cheek lines are also lower than the standard beard and can go as low as your jaw line.  Make sure to keep the hair on the side of your face trimmed shorter in length so that the hair on your chin becomes the focal point.  The length of your hair is really based on your preference.       

Face Type: Best suited for a rectangular-shaped face. Depending on how you grow and groom it, it can suit round-shaped faces because it adds length to the chin.


The Goatee

Today’s goatee has evolved since its origins. The earliest goatee had facial hair on the chin and it wasn't connected to a moustache.  Today, not only can you pair it with a moustache, you can also be as creative as you want and find different ways to connect it.  If you're a traditionalist and you want to grow an original goatee, you’ll only need to grow the hair on your chin.

Face Type: Since the hair on your chin will add length to your face, you'd really want to consider the goatee if you have a rounder face.  It'll give your face a leaner look.


The Boxed Knocker Goatie

In simple terms, the Boxed Knocker Goatee is a square goatee. It is the exact opposite of the circle beard.  It often sports a boxier look and extends wider at the bottom of the chin.  To get this look your moustache must connect to the facial hair on your chin, and requires regular precise grooming and to keep the square look.

Face Type: Like any goatee, the Boxed Knocker adds considerable length to rounder faces.  


The Chevron Moustache

It wouldn’t be a complete list if it didn’t include a 'stache. If you can pull it off, a chevron moustache is pretty sick! Some of the coolest guys have been rockin' the Chevron since the 70s. Its signature feature is its downward angle on both sides.  Anybody can grow the Chevron, but you need it to be thick and full.

Face Type: Seeing how the Chevron is a full moustache, you'll definitely want to have more of a square face.  It'll give you a classic and edgy look.



If you have any questions, need more information on a beard style, or simply want to contact us, please email us at info@thebeardlounge.com